Abstract Information

Abstract Submissions

Acceptable Abstract Types

  1. Scientific Abstract

    • An abstract that completed the IRB review process and is original research
    • The first author must be present
  2. Case Study Abstract (not eligible for awards)

    • An abstract that includes data on only a single participant
  3. Meta-Analysis Abstract (not eligible for awards)

    • An abstract that summarizes a review of the literature with additional statistical analyses
  4. Non-traditional Research Abstract (not eligible for awards)

    • For students who want to gain experience doing research and/or presenting, but may not be able to carry out the full process.  Acceptable non-traditional research abstracts include:
      • Research in progress
      • Potential research ideas for your thesis/dissertation/student project
      • Synthesis of literature/Systematic review
      • Class project with no IRB (must present only de-identified group data and blurred images unless express consent is obtained)
  • There is no additional fee to submit an abstract for those registered for the Northland ACSM annual meeting
  • Only electronic submissions through the link below will be accepted
  • The abstract needs to be submitted as a Word document.
  • Save the abstract documents as “FirstAuthorLastname_First Initial_NL24” (e.g., Doe_J_NL24)

Abstracts will be due Thursday February 20 by 5:00 pm CST


President's Cup Competition

The President’s Cup is a research competition held annually during the national ACSM Annual Meeting. The President’s Cup is organized with the assistance of the Student Affairs Committee and ACSM national staff. Each regional chapter will select one student based on the quality of presentation at their regional chapter annual meeting and this student will represent the chapter in the President’s Cup competition at the national ACSM Annual Meeting. A panel of judges, using an established judging rubric, will select the ultimate winner. ACSM will provide a $1,200 stipend to each regional chapter winner. The purpose of this is to support student attendance and travel to the ACSM Annual Meeting to present their work at the national-level competition. The
stipend will be paid post-meeting after the competitor has participated in the event.

President’s Cup Format

Students will give an oral presentation (with PowerPoint slides) lasting 5 minutes, followed by 3 minutes for questions. Each of the following categories be evaluated on a scale of 1 (Unsatisfactory) to 5 (Exceptional), which is consistent with the standardized rubric used to judge the national competition.

1. Significance: How well the project relates to the mission statement of ACSM, which
is to “advance and integrate scientific research to provide educational and practical
applications of exercise science and sports medicine.”
2. Innovation: The novelty of the project, especially relating to the use of new
methodologies, studying of under investigated populations and/or addressing
emerging problems relating to exercise and sports medicine.
3. Project Design: The ability of the methodologies used to address the research
question and hypothesis. Additionally, the appropriate use of experimental design
and statistics to test the hypothesis.
4. Ability to Respond to Questions: Ability of the student to demonstrate knowledge
of the literature related to their field of study as well as demonstrate critical
thinking for future studies.
5. Presentation Design and Presentation Skills: Clarity of the presentation and description of research project.

If interested in participating in the President's Cup, please indicate that during your abstract submission.