Election Candidates

Election Candidates

President Elect

Kristyne Wiegand, PhD

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I hold a PhD in Kinesiology with a specialization in Biomechanics from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. My previous degrees include an MS in Kinesiology from UNLV, and a BS in Athletic Training from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. I am currently an Assistant Professor and Mentor Fellow at Eastern Washington University. My research interests include running mechanics, injury etiology and development, footwear, and exercise science pedagogy. This past year, I was awarded a Junior Faculty Research Award from the American Society of Biomechanics for a project related to plantar fasciitis and footwear. Although I am working to develop a strong research agenda, I enjoy working with students on their research projects, so I tend to become involved in research from a variety of topics. I am also a BOC-certified athletic trainer.

I am interested in the President-elect position for a variety of reasons. As a newcomer to the Northwest, I am eager to actively engage in the local scientific community. In the 18 months that I have been in the region, I have felt welcomed by the members of ACSM that I have interacted with, creating a sense of community that I am excited to contribute to. Additionally, I would like to continue the progress that has been made by the current executive board. I regard collaboration and networking very highly, and becoming involved in regional ACSM leadership opens many doors for those opportunities. I have previous leadership experience in a variety of positions, the most relevant being the Vice President of the Graduate and Professional Student Association at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for two terms. In this position, I oversaw the $200,000 budget for student research and travel awards and organized the annual research symposium, which involved over 200 poster and oral presentations and creative works. This experience not only allowed me to gain skills in making budgetary decisions, but also showcased my ability to manage and allocate resources appropriately. The experience of managing these large-scale events demonstrated my organizational skills, and the events were successful. In fact, I was asked to return and help as a consultant for two additional symposia, including a fully-online symposium in 2020. My dedication to service, history of leadership positions, and past achievements are major driving forces behind my application for the President-Elect position. I am excited about the prospect of contributing to the Northwest chapter of ACSM and continuing the positive trajectory set by the current leadership.



Member at Large- Fitness

Lukas Kumpl, PhD


My academic journey started with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, and a Bachelor of Arts in Health and Fitness Education from Seattle Pacific University. I earned a Master of Science in Kinesiology with a Biomechanics emphasis from San Diego State University, followed by a PhD in Education with a Biomechanics emphasis from the University of Idaho. Currently, I am an assistant professor (career track) at Washington State University in the Department of Kinesiology and Educational Psychology. My teaching assignments include Biomechanics, Exercise Prescription, and Strength and Conditioning. My research focuses on the in-vivo morphological (thickness) and mechanical (stiffness) properties of the plantar fascia in response to mechanical loading, utilizing ultrasound imaging. Specifically, my research addresses potential strategies toward prevention of injuries to the plantar fascia, such as plantar fasciitis, by better understanding the tissue’s mechanical response to external stressors like running. Since 2018, I have been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and an active member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the American Society of Biomechanics.

For the past three years, I have enjoyed attending ACSM Northwest Annual Meetings, each time as a presenter. During my PhD times, I greatly benefited from the experience I gained speaking about my research, the networking opportunities meeting other students, faculty, and industry members, as well as listening to keynote speakers from a variety of fields. I am now in a new position as a kinesiology faculty member, interested in collaborating with fellow colleagues to further strengthen the already well-organized and successful ACSM Northwest Chapter. I am eager to take on more leadership roles in my career, and I am confident in my ability to provide a strong work ethic and passion to provide future students with the same tremendous conference experiences that I have had. Specifically, I believe that the position of Member At Large – Fitness fits my current academic assignments and research interests well. I am actively teaching exercise prescription as well as strength and conditioning based courses, among other biomechanics focused classes. I would bring a new lens to the table, including research interest within biomechanics and human fitness, and also direct connections to the Washington State University strength and conditioning department. It would be a distinct goal of mine, to increase the presence of fitness speakers and sessions at the conferences. I am interested in serving the chapter by expanding my network beyond the Northwest region to attract speakers to present. In addition, I am interested in this position because I want to learn about the work that is required to organize such an event. With that being said, my previous experience serving as a member on regional chapter boards is limited. I have served on search committees previously and I am currently serving on academic committees, and I have enjoyed the challenges that I was presented with through all these opportunities. Through communication with my mentors and colleagues, who are currently, and once have been board members of the ACSM Northwest Chapter, I learned of the value this position would bring to my personal and professional growth. I do not shy away from challenges and the work associated with this position, because in the end, I know I will benefit a population I am genuinely passionate about: students. I am in this field to enhance the student experience, improve their learning, and provide them with opportunities for learning and growth. 

 Member at Large- Fitness

James Laskin, PhD


I am a recently “retired” professor of Physical Therapy from the University of Montana. I put retired in quotes as while I may no longer teach at UM, I am still fully engaged in teaching, research, and service. Since moving back to Vancouver (Canada), I continue to be actively engaged in scholarship with a research appointment in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. The projects I am working on include the development, validation, and deployment of an adapted Concept2 rowing ergometer and an adaptation of a typical elliptical device using exoskeleton technology – both devices to be used by persons with disabilities in both a clinical and community setting.  I am also leading a study in the use of passive heating to induce a mild to moderate exercise response in people living with tetraplegia. I am continuing to teach both virtually and in-person in Kenya in a diploma to degree upgrade and a certificate in critical care. On the side, I work clinically at a local acute care hospital. I have a 20+ year history of co-funding and directing the New Directions Wellness Center at the University of Montana; a fitness and wellness program for people living with physical disabilities and chronic illness. 
While I am not new to the ACSM Northwest Executive Board have served two terms as President 1 term as the MLA – Clinical and another as the MLA – Fitness, after a short break I look forward to the opportunity to serve my academic, clinical and fitness community again. I have always treasured my time associated with the Northwest chapter, in particular the opportunity to engage with students, their passions, interests, and research.

Regional Student Representative

Yazmean Inman

I am currently obtaining my bachelors in exercise science pre-physical therapy with a minor in psychology at Eastern Washington University. I am also working towards a gerokinesiology certificate through EWU. I was recently accepted into Eastern’s DPT program and plan on starting in the fall to work towards gaining my doctorate in physical therapy. I was also accepted into Mayo Clinic’s DPT program and University of Pittsburgh’s DPT program, though I chose EWU due to their great program and to stay in the Pacific Northwest area. I am currently working as an assistant director at Chasing Gravity Activity Center where I coach cheer and gymnastics and run the dance program. I am also currently an officer of two clubs at EWU; President of the exercise science club and secretary/captain of essence dance team.

I have attended the ACSM NW conference in the past and had an amazing experience. The atmosphere at the conference was enthralling. Every person I met was inspiring, knowledgable, and helpful and I hope to be that for other students. As an officer of two clubs I feel that I have learned and improved many important leadership skills such as decision-making, delegation, problem solving, collaboration, and conflict resolution. I truly feel that these are aspects of leadership I value and would be able to use well as regional student rep. Our exercise science club hosts a memorial 5k every year in honor of a previous student, in which all of the proceeds collected from the event go to support victims of domestic violence. I helped with this event last year and this year I will be in charge of putting the whole event together. This experience has greatly improved my knowledge of arranging and hosting large events. As a coach and captain, I feel I would be able to provide knowledge of teamwork and relationship-building along with general responsibility that could benefit the student population involved in ACSM. If I were given this opportunity I would hope to support the students in any way possible. I would love to work with the organization to help provide more professional development opportunities for the students at the conference. I also feel that I could bring a more clinical aspect to the student rep position since I plan on going a clinical route. New research is extremely important for clinicians and researchers alike, so building a better bridge between the two paths is crucial and I would love to work with the organization to do this if possible. Overall, I would be honored to be considered for this position. I am inspired by the ACSM NW community and every opportunity they provide for students. With my interests in leadership and supporting students wherever possible, I feel as though I have a lot to bring to this position if it was offered to me.