ACSM Northwest Elections 

The application form and descriptions of the open board positions are below. Please contact President20@acsmnorthwest.org with any questions about the positions or expected contributions. Each of the positions requires attendance at all executive board meetings including but not limited to: Annual Meeting in early spring (in-person), summer conference call, and a fall board meeting. Many of these are conducted virtually aside from the Annual Meeting.

President Elect
The president elect works closely with the current president and past president to oversee the chapter business.  The president elect is responsible for organizing the chapter social, reviews abstracts and supports the annual conference.  This position is a three year position rotating into the president (2025) and past president (2026). 

Member at Large Fitness
The member at large for fitness shall serve on the Executive Board and serve the chapter president in an advisory capacity concerning the activities of the chapter in the areas of fitness membership (health and fitness/athletic clubs, etc.), fitness publications, fitness educational opportunities, fitness outreach, and fitness member representation (health and fitness professionals).

Regional Student Representative
The regional student representative is a two year commitment.  The regional student representative provides the student voice and connects the Chapter to students in the region. The regional student rep also works closely with the national student rep to coordinate the student quiz bowl and other programming at the Annual Meeting. 

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