Student Awards

SEACSM Student Awards

Student Research Awards

Student Research Awards given out each year at the regional meeting for Doctoral, Master's, and Undergraduate students. Applicants for the Student Research Award must be enrolled in or have graduated from an institution in the Southeast region and must be the principal author on an abstract that has been accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting. Students are encouraged to submit their research projects for review for these awards. 

Presentations selected for the Student Award sessions are reviewed by a panel of judges at the Annual Meeting. Winners receive a plaque and a check sponsored by the SEACSM and ACSM.

First Time Student Presenter Awards

The purpose of this program is to support travel expenses for students who are first time presenters at the SEACSM Annual Meeting. The current award is $100. This program is funded by the American College of Sports Medicine. Applications for this award will be available in the fall.

2021 Student Research Award Winners


  1. Emily Grammer, East Carolina University, SEACSM (Presidential Cup Representative)
  2. Brittany Counts-French, University of Tennessee
  3. Kerry Martin, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

  1. Jillian Poles, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  2. Rachel Miller, Sanford University
  3. Richard Young, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

  1. Sophia Osada, Appalachian State University
  2. Madison Gill, North Carolina Wesleyan University
  3. Case Jackson, University of West Florida

Past Student Research Award winners

2020 Award Winners

1st Place – Emily Heiston, University of Virginia, SEACSM Representative in the 2020 ACSM Presidential Cup
2nd Place – Christian Behrens, University of Alabama - Birmingham
3rd Place – Mallory Law, Georgia State University

1st Place – Emily Colster, University of Alabama
2nd Place – Luke Arieta, University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill
3rd Place – Gabrielle Brewer, University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill

1st Place – Nathan Stewart, University of Virginia
2nd Place – Clark F. Baily, University of West Florida
3rd Place – Serena Denlea, Appalachian State University

2019 Award Winners

  • 1st PhD  – Ashley Artese, Florida State University 
  • 2nd PhD – Joshua Sparks, University of South Carolina, SEACSM Rep in the 2018 ACSM Presidential Cup
  • 3rd PhD - Matt Thomas, University of Kentucky
  • 1st Master's  – Dulce Gomez, Auburn University; 
  • 2nd Master's – Matthew Stratton, Kennesaw State University
  • 3rd Master's –  Rachael Hunt, Florida State University 
  • 1st Undergraduate – Lauren Bates, University of North Carolina
  • 2nd Undergraduate –  Valentina Velaszuez, Florida Atlantic University 
  • 3rd Undergraduate – Peyton Rohrbaugh, Roanoke College 

2018 Award Winners

  • 1st PhD  – Paul Roberson, Auburn University, SEACSM Rep in the 2018 ACSM Presidential Cup 
  • 2nd PhD – Natalie Eichner, University of Virginia
  • 3rd PhD - Lauren Veraceke, University of North Carolina Greensboro
  • 1st Master's –  Cassie Williamson, Kennesaw State University
  • 2nd Master's – Taylor Dinyer, University of Kentucky
  • 3rd Master's – Jonathon Petrocelli, University of North Carolina at Charlotte 
  • 1st Undergraduate – Gabrielle Gilmer, Auburn University
  • 2nd Undergraduate –  Ryan Swiezy, University of North Carolina Wilmington 
  • 3rd Undergraduate – Caitlin Corle, University of North Carolina at Asheville 


2017 Award Winners

  • 1st PhD  – T. Bradley Willingham, University of Georgia  & SEACSM Rep in the 2017 ACSM Presidential Cup 
  • 2nd PhD – Joshua R. Huot, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  • 3rd PhD – E.Blake Crabb, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • 1st Master's –  Natalie Eichner, University of Virginia
  • 2nd Master's – Christopher Curran, East Carolina University 
  • 3rd Master's – Ashlyn Schwartz, University of Tennessee
  • 1st Undergraduate – Christine L. Seltman, University of North Alabama
  • 2nd Undergraduate – Meghan Patton, High Point University
  • 3rd Undergraduate – Caroline Elizabeth Melson, Elon University


2016 Award Winners

  • 1st PhD  – Melissa L. Erickson, University of Georgia & SEACSM Rep in the 2016 ACSM Presidential Cup 
  • 2nd PhD – Hayden W. Hyatt, Auburn University
  • 3rd PhD –  Brad Willingham, University of Georgia
  • 1st Master's –  Ashton Celec, Appalachian State University
  • 2nd Master's – Grace Jefferson, University of Kentucky
  • 3rd Master's – Noelle A. Knight, East Carolina University
  • 1st Undergraduate – Caroline E. Hubbard, Auburn University
  • 2nd Undergraduate – Jamie K. Schnuck, High Point University
  • 3rd Undergraduate – Thomas Elvidge, University of Tennessee/Knoxville


2015 Award Winners

  • 1st PhD – Justin Hardee, University of South Carolina
  • 2nd PhD – Brooks Mobley, Auburn University
  • 3rd PhD -  Melissa Erickson, University of Georgia
  • 1st Master's –  Jordan Lee, University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill
  • 2nd Master's – Aaron Slusher, Florida Atlantic University
  • 3rd Master's – Erica Schleicher, Florida State University
  • 1st Undergraduate – Arun Maharaj, Florida Atlantic University
  • 2nd Undergraduate – Katherine L. Hsieh, University of Georgia
  • 3rd Undergraduate – Kara Soler-Sala, Elon University


2014 Award Winners

  • 1st PhD –  Graham R. McGinnis,  Auburn University  
  • 2nd PhD –  Michael J. Landram, Appalachian State University 
  • 3rd PhD –   Courtney M. Monroe, University of Tennessee/Knoxville 
  • 1st Master's –  W. Michael Southern, University of Georgia 
  • 2nd Master's –  Joseph G. Rosenberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill    
  • 3rd Master's – Tyler R. Hall, East Carolina University 
  • 1st Undergraduate –  Rebecca Dale, South Carolina State University 
  • 2nd Undergraduate –  Katherine L. Hsieh, University of Georgia
  • 3rd Undergraduate –  Kaitlyn G. Washburn, Gardner-Webb University   


2013 Award Winners

  • 1st PhD – Melissa Puppa, University of South Carolina
  • 2nd PhD – Melissa L. Erickson, University of Georgia
  • 3rd PhD –  Terence E. Ryan, University of Georgia
  • 1st Master's – W. M. Southern, University of Georgia
  • 2nd Master's – Andrew G. Thompson, Old Dominion University
  • 3rd Master's - R.L. Ingram, Georgia Southern University
  • 1st Undergraduate – Kojo Thompson, Appalachian State University
  • 2nd Undergraduate – Thomas F. Mahar, East Carolina University
  • 3rd Undergraduate – Lexi Bauer & Chase Inman, Samford University

2012 Award Winners

  • 1st PhD – Kathleen Gavin, University of East Carolina
  • 2nd PhD –Diana Delgado-Diaz, University of South Carolina
  • 1st Master's – Brittany Collins, University of South Carolina
  • 2nd Master's – Stacy Scott, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  • 3rd Master's – Kara Hamilton, University of Alabama-Birmingham
  • 1st Undergraduate – Timothy Brady, Wake Forest University
  • 2nd Undergraduate – Jeremy Towns, Samford University
  • 3rd Undergraduate –Mark Sundman, Elon University

2011 Award Winners

  • 1st PhD – Benjamin Gordon & Bradley Gordon, University of South Carolina
  • 2nd PhD – Terence Ryan, University of Georgia
  • 1st Master's – Graham McGinnis, Auburn University
  • 2nd Master's – Nicole Chevis, University of North Carolina/Charlotte
  • 1st Undergraduate – Derrick Thomas & Kara Hardin, Samford University
  • 2nd Undergraduate – Rachel Perron, Elon University
  • Clinical Case Study Winner – Catherine Rainbow


2010 Award Winners

  • 1st PhD – Robert Bowen, University of North Carolina/Charlotte
  • 2nd PhD – Jenifer Steiner, University of South Carolina
  • 3rd PhD – Brian Tyo, University of Tennessee/Knoxville
  • 1st M-UG – Emily Main, Elon University
  • 2nd M-UG – Christine Nicewonger, James Madison University
  • 3rd M-UG – Michael Query, Appalachian State University


2009 Award Winners

  • 1st Place Doctorial – Daniel Credeur, LSU
  • 2nd Place Doctorial – Damon Swift, University of Virginia
  • 3rd Place Doctorial – Derek Kingsley, Florida State University
  • 1st Place MS/UG – Ashley Williams, Appalachian State University
  • 2nd Place MS/UG – Tyrone Ceaser, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • 3rd Place MS/UG – Lindsey E. Schreiber, Appalachian State University


2008 Award Winners

  • 1st Place Doctorial – Mary Beth Brown, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2nd Place Doctorial – Benjamen Corona, Georgia State University
  • 3rd Place Doctorial – Amanda Willig, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • 1st Place MS/UG – Jacqueline Del Giorno, Elon University
  • 2nd Place MS/UG – Matthew Jepson, University of South Carolina
  • 3rd Place MS/UG – Thomas Peterson, Appalachian State University 

2007 Award Winners

  • 1st Place Doctorial – Dawn Hayes, University of Georgia
  • 2nd Place Doctorial – Patrick McKeon, University of Virginia
  • 3rd Place Doctorial – Eric Jones, University of Alabama
  • 1st Place MS/UG – Sean Courtney, University of North Carolina/Charlotte
  • 2nd Place MS/UG – Matt Hudson, Appalachian State University
  • 3rd Place MS/UG – Allison Gruber, East Carolina University

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