Student Bowl

SEACSM Undergraduate Student Bowl

The SEACSM Student Bowl is a Jeopardy-style quiz bowl featuring teams of undergraduate students. It's great competition and even greater fun! The winning team goes on to represent SEACSM at the ACSM Annual Meeting Student Bowl.

To register, faculty sponsors should fill out the application form now. You do not need to know the names of the student team members at this time.

UPDATE: We have reached full team capacity for the Student Bowl! All teams moving forward from today will be placed on the wait list.

Register a team for the SEACSM Student Bowl

Past Winning Teams

Congratulations to Sabina Holz, Pierre-Anne Laird, and Noah Stallard from Virginia Tech University, who represented SEACSM in the 2022 ACSM Student Bowl.
 2022 student bowl VT

  • 2022 - Virginia Tech University: Sabina Holz, Pierre-Anne Laird, Noah Stallard
  • 2021 - Virtual annual meeting; no student bowl
  • 2020 - University of Alabama: Delanie Anderson, Nick Barefoot, Keith Saffold
  • 2019 - Kennesaw State University: Michaela Alesi, Joy Tankersley, Josh Jones
  • 2018 - James Madison University: Emilee Blosser, Chelsea Robinson, Justin Kidd
  • 2017 - Georgia State University: Mary-Catherine Driskell, Adria Wofford, Devrick Thomas
  • 2016 - Florida Atlantic University: Bryan Rodriquez, Alexandra Rodriquez, and Gabriel Pena
  • 2015 - University of Tennessee/Chattanooga: Christine Hagemeyer, Megan Ware, and Brianna Mullins
  • 2014 - Rebecca Dale - South Carolina State University, Katherine L. Hsieh - University of Georgia, Kaitlyn G. Washburn - Gardner-Webb University
  • 2013- East Carolina University: Jacob Ridings, Beth Ackerman, and Jonathan Powell
  • 2012 - Kennesaw University: Kristine Wood, Erin Gainey, and Karletta McCoy and their Advisor Coach Dr. Tiffany Esmat
  • 2011 - University of North Carolina at Charlotte: Matt Dantism, Jordan Walker, and Roberto Medina
  • 2010 - James Madison University: Christine Nicewonger, Katelyn Guerriere and Michael Bronez 
  • 2009 - Ken Leonard , Marshall Naimo, Jared Zatkowsky.

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