ACSM’s Clinical Exercise Physiology — Now Endorsed!

ACSM’s Clinical Exercise Physiology — Now Endorsed!

Oct. 21, 2022

The Clinical Exercise Physiology Association (CEPA), the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP), the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES) and Clinical Exercise Physiology UK (CEP-UK) have recently endorsed the American College of Sports Medicine® (ACSM) textbook ACSM’s Clinical Exercise Physiology.  

CEP endorsementCEPA advances the scientific and practical application of clinical exercise physiology to improve the health, fitness and quality of life of those living with or at a high risk of developing a chronic disease. The focus of CEPA is to advance the profession of clinical exercise physiology through advocacy, education and career development. 

CSEP is a national voluntary organization composed of professionals interested and involved in the scientific study of exercise physiology, exercise biochemistry, fitness and health. CSEP is the resource for translating advances in exercise science research into the promotion of fitness, performance and health outcomes for Canadians. CSEP sets the highest standards for qualified exercise professionals through evidence-based practice and certification.   

CEP-UK is part of the BASES organizational structure. CEP-UK includes national and international members across the clinical exercise physiology landscape from academic institutions to professional bodies, to public and private healthcare providers. CEP-UK aims to establish and promote registered UK certified exercise professionals (CEPs) to work with multiple chronic disease populations. 

BASES is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the United Kingdom. BASES’s mission is to lead the advancement of knowledge and evidence-based practice within the UK’s sport and exercise sciences for the benefit of human performance, health and education. 

"By endorsing this internationally acclaimed clinical exercise physiology resource, CEPA, CSEP, BASES and CEP-UK are joining ACSM in providing the most trusted, high quality and up-to-date information to clinics and educational programs worldwide. These strategic partnerships will help ensure the most advanced, research-based clinical exercise interventions and education to promote human health and wellness across the lifespan. Thank you to our professional partners!"

— Karyn L. Hamilton, Ph.D., R.D., FACSM, ACSM Publications Committee Chairperson 

ACSM's Clinical Exercise PhysiologyACSM’s Clinical Exercise Physiology provides research-based coverage of more than 35 conditions commonly seen in practice — from a host of cardiovascular disorders to immunological/hematological issues. Chapters that cover medical conditions are organized by disease type, then divided into sections that cover specific conditions from pathological and etiological perspectives. To provide a complete view of clinical exercise physiology, the book also covers important considerations and foundational elements such as screening, pharmacology, genetics and electrocardiography. 

Individual resources include an interactive question bank, videos and animations on select conditions, and additional linked resources to ACSM journal articles. Instructor resources include PowerPoint lecture outlines, a test bank and image banks. Instructors interested in adopting this title can request more information or contact their educational representative