Sports Medicine Essentials

Sports Medicine Essentials Bundle

Now after ACSM Annual Meeting in Boston! 

"The Sports Medicine Essentials course is geared toward medical providers seeking improved knowledge of common musculoskeletal, medical, and cardiac issues affecting athletes and physically active individuals of all ages. Our new format focuses on a rich online component from some of the top members of ACSM, which can be completed at the participant's convenience, followed by an in-person session immediately following the ACSM national meeting in Boston. This in-person component will allow for questioning and interaction with experts in the field with a variety of hands-on workshops to reinforce and supplement skills from the online content. This course is a must for any provider looking to improve their MSK exam skills, diagnostic acumen, and treatment strategies to care for athletes of all ages."
-Peter Sedgwick, M.D., FACSM,
Sports Medicine Essentials Co-chair

This new exciting format is designed to be taken as an online course, followed by an in-person skills session in Boston immediately following the ACSM Annual Meeting.

However, participants can choose to do just the online component without the skills session, or simply come for the in-person session.


New! Sports Medicine Essentials Online Component

13.5 CME Credits

Topics Include:

  • Concussion Management/Neck Injuries 
  • Abdominal Issues in the Athlete 
  • Special Populations in Sports Medicine 
  • Lower Extremity Pearls and Pitfalls 
  • Upper Extremity Issues: Elbow/Wrist 
  • Lower Extremity Issues: Knee
  • Cardiac Issues in Sports and Exercise 
  • Exercise/Sports Medicine Core Concepts 

Sports Medicine Essentials Annual Meeting Postconference  

Saturday, June 1

8 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Sheraton Boston


  • 4 CME Credits
  • Highlights, Recaps and Opportunity for Q&A from the Online Content 
  • Advocacy and Protection of Athletes in the Modern Era 
  • Medical Sideline Coverage- What it Means to be Part of the Sports Medicine Team 
  • Skills Workshop Stations     

Target Audience

Clinicians and providers interested in learning the basic information needed to perform the duties of a “team physician” from a variety of medical specialties. (Includes: physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, athletic trainers and other health care providers.)