ACSM Foundation Announces 2023-2024 Grant Recipients

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ACSM Foundation Announces 2023-2024 Grant Recipients

May 25, 2023

The ACSM Foundation administers and disburses funds to bolster the college’s educational, scientific and charitable goals. The Foundation's Research Grant Program aims to facilitate impactful research projects and promote advancements in the field.

ACSM Doctoral Student Research Grant - $5,000 Awards 

Characterizing Gait Biomechanical Profiles of Pediatric Patients with ACL Reconstruction, Elizabeth Bjornsen – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill  

Aerobic Exercise-Mediated Prevention against Glucocorticoid Myopathy in Aged Skeletal Muscle, Grant Laskin – Florida State University  

Carl V. Gisolfi Memorial Fund - $10,000 Award  

Effects of Passive Heat Therapy on Vascular Function, Renal Function, and Exercise Capacity in Chronic Kidney Disease, Domenico Chavez – Virginia Commonwealth University  

Clinical Sports Medicine Endowment - $5,000 Award 

The Association between Central Nervous System Function and Core Body Temperature in Exertional Heat Stroke Patients, Susan Yeargin – University of South Carolina  

Paffenbarger-Blair Fund for Epidemiological Research on PA - $10,000 Awards 

Stigma, Health, and Activity in Pregnancy: The SHAPE study, Melissa Jones – Oakland University  

Dose-Response Effect of Exercise on Depression and BDNF in Sedentary Young Adults, A’Naja Newsome – University of Central Florida  

Dr. Raymond A. Weiss Research Endowment - $5,000 Award 

The Impact of Racial Discrimination on Inflammation in Black Adults and the Benefits of Physical Activity and Fitness, Jeremy Via – Virginia Commonwealth University  

Research Endowment - $10,000 Award  

Establishing a Novel Translational Model for Inflammatory Bone Loss, Sarah Little-Letsinger – Duke University  

World Athletics Grant - $5,000 Award 

Sex Differences in Cool Temperature Running Performance and Physiological Adaptations Induced by Heat Acclimation, Marcos Keefe – Texas Tech University   

Xero Shoes’ Minimal Footwear Research Grant - $10,000 Award 

Can Minimal Footwear Use Reduce the Inflammatory Process in Individuals with Plantar Fasciitis, Halime Gulle – University of South Florida

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About the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Foundation

Founded in 1984, the ACSM Foundation receives, administers, and disburses funds to support the mission of ACSM through educational, scientific, and charitable purposes. Each year, the foundation awards more than $150,000 in research grants and scholarships.

Since 1989, with the support of our members and strategic partners, the foundation has awarded more than 650 scholarships and research grants to students and sports medicine research professionals totaling more than $3.7 million. Find more information on how to support the work of the ACSM Foundation here.

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