ACSM Annual Meeting to Feature Yearly Spotlight

ACSM Annual Meeting to Feature Yearly Spotlight

Sept. 13, 2023
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Based on a presidential task force recommendation, the Annual Meeting Program Committee has approved a decision to sunset our two World Congresses in favor of a new yearly “Spotlight” at the Annual Meeting, featuring sessions integrating basic science, applied science and clinical medicine. The inaugural Spotlight Theme for the 2024 Annual Meeting, as chosen by the new Spotlight subcommittee, is “Precision Health”. The subcommittee, led by the president-elect, will select topics solicitated from several ACSM committees and will include a member from each of the above disciplines.  

Spotlight Subcommittee 2023 ~ 2024: 

• Stella Volpe, FACSM — President-Elect 

• Bill Farquhar, FACSM — Basic Science representative 

• Karin Pfeiffer, FACSM — Applied Science representative 

• Sandra Hoffmann, FACSM — Clinical Medicine representative 

Note that you when you submit your abstract for the Annual Meeting, you will have the opportunity to check a box if your abstract fits within the Precision Health Spotlight!

What is Precision Health? 

Genes, behaviors, lifestyle (such as exercise and eating habits), and environment are all factors that affect health and performance. Supported by artificial intelligence and/or technology, precision health takes into consideration all of these factors, and can lead to improved individual health or sports performance. 

What happens to the Basic Science and EIM World Congresses?

Exercise is Medicine® is now a topic area within the Annual Meeting, and basic science hours are represented in multiple topical areas. 

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