Two Webinars, a Podcast, new Student Career Resources, and a PAA Announcement

Two Webinars, a Podcast, new Student Career Resources, and a PAA Announcement

March 12, 2024

Exercise is Medicine® on Campus hosts quarterly webinar March 19

The first of four scheduled webinars for 2024, the Exercise is Medicine® on Campus (EIM-OC) committee presents “A National Analysis and Assessment of Impact,” hosted by Steven Elmer, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology, Michigan Tech University; Isaac Lennox, M.S., Michigan Tech University; and Isaac Wedig, Ph.D., associate professor at the School of Health and Human Performance, Northern Michigan University. The presenters will discuss the distribution of EIM-OC programs in the United States and identify which potential factors best position programs to achieve Gold-level status. This presentation will help inspire collaboration and mentoring among EIM-OC programs and guide future promotion and implementation. This event is free and will be held on March 19 from noon to 1 p.m. EDT. Register here.

ACSM From Around Field science series open to students

ACSM’s From Around the Field science webinar series is designed to provide ACSM students and members an opportunity to learn more about the diverse science our members conduct. Join us for informal discussions with our ACSM members to hear more about what they study, the general research methodology they use, and some of the interesting results their research is generating. In March, Liz Hathaway, Ph.D. associate professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and Becca O’Shields, LCSW, from Northeast Georgia Physicians Group, will discuss emotions and mindsets and their influence on behaviors and health. They will provide an overview of the broaden-and-build theory and highlight research related to mindsets and their impact on expectations and responses. Join us on March 21, from noon to 1 p.m. EDT for this interesting discussion. If you can’t join us live, register and we will send you the recording. Free for ACSM members. Register here.

ACSM releases two Healthy Youth Sports Podcasts in March

The latest episode in ACSM’s Healthy Youth Sports Podcast series was released March 13 and features Dr. Thomas Kern, a sports medicine physician and fellow with the Center for Concussion at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine, who helps manage youth, adults and teams as a primary care sports medicine physician. Dr. Kern’s podcast will cover topics such as the importance of rest after a concussion, differences between youth and adult sport concussions, return to school or activity, common mistakes that keep athletes from returning to play faster, and what parents/athletes/providers should know if their athlete isn’t progressing as quickly as desired. 

The March 27 episode will feature Stephen Borelli from USA Today, who will cover the dropout rate of youth sports, including the professionalization, training volumes, pressures, overtraining and burnout, along with information released in the new report by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This episode will also provide advice on how to manage these youth sport challenges. The Healthy Youth Sports Podcast series is designed for coaches, administrators, parents and athletes. Access previously archived and new episodes released every other Wednesday on our ACSM’s Healthy Youth Sports Podcast website

ACSM debuts new student career resource series in April

This spring, ACSM will support students and educators with multimedia resources to enhance career development. The first installation will feature the webinar ExSci Careers Explored: Identifying Industry Jobs. This webinar is designed to help students identify future career opportunities and build skills for career success. The webinar will feature four panelists: 

  • Lauren Friman, biomechanist at Plantiga 

  • Monique Budd, director of physical activity at Optum 

  • William Adams, associate director of sports medicine research at United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee 

  • Ed Nyman, senior manager, run research, at Brooks Running 

Each panelist will discuss their career paths, in addition to a live Q&A session. Join us on April 1, from noon to 1 p.m. EDT for this event FREE for ACSM members. Register here.

The Physical Activity Alliance makes two commitments to the White House Challenge to Build Healthy Communities

Two initiatives from the Physical Activity Alliance (PAA) were chosen as part of the new commitments to end hunger and build healthier communities. (See challenge here.)  Commitment 1 includes the key work from the PAA’s It’s Time to Move initiative, which will ultimately provide physical activity assessment and support active living to integrate standardized measures for physical activity assessment into all electronic health records in the United States. Learn more about the PAA’s It’s Time to Move initiative. Commitment 2 includes obtaining 1,000 “CEO pledges” from the nation’s largest employers to support the CDC’s Active People, Healthy Nation initiative to help make physical activity and healthy movement a cultural norm in the workplace. Learn and join in the PAA CEO pledge here.