Featured CEC Quiz | Aquatic Exercise for Health: Comprehensive Guide

Featured CEC Quiz | Aquatic Exercise for Health: Comprehensive Guide

Nagle, Elizabeth F. Ph.D., FACSM; Sanders, Mary E. Ph.D., ACSM-CEP, RCEP, CDE, FACSM; Becker, Bruce E. M.D., M.S., FACSM |  July 10, 2019

ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal®: July – August 2019 CEC Course #2: Aquatic Exercise for Health: Probing the Depths of HIIT for Cardiometabolic Training

Available ACSM CECs: 2.0

ACSM CEC Aquatic Fitness


This course includes an online ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal® Article and a corresponding online quiz.

Learning Objectives:

•How to integrate aquatic activities as part of a well-rounded program for patients or clients who could benefit from immersion and/or exercise in water.

•Advocate for a shallow water aquatic interval exercise Rx to clients who aim to expand their volume and intensity of activities without increased risk for injury.

•Use water’s properties within the context of safe training principles to prescribe a water-specific exercise prescription that can effectively offer clients a “gateway” to adopting a fun alternative to traditional land-based training options.

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