It Works to Network for Fitness Professionals

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It Works to Network for Fitness Professionals

Dane Robinson |  Feb. 15, 2023

We hear the phrase “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”  

This couldn’t be any truer when we’re talking about networking.  

I’m Dane Robinson, certified fitness professional, TV fitness coach and ACSM Health & Fitness Summit presenter. If you want to take your career further and faster, it’s all about networking. And here are my top three reasons why it works to network: 

No. 1 

Networking helps create ideas and turn them into action: When you’re thinking about a program you weren’t too sure about starting. Maybe you’re thinking about a career move. You need a little bit more insight. There’s always somebody that can help validate and create a little bit more insight to those ideas that you're ready to take action on, but only if you network! 

No. 2 

Networking creates so many opportunities you would never imagine you’re the perfect fit for! You are the ideal person for somebody’s program, for their leadership conference — heck, for their company! I wouldn’t have so many opportunities to educate, present and motivate fitness professionals across the country if I didn’t network at premiere events like the health and fitness summit. And that is not opinion — that is a fact! 

No. 3 

Networking undoubtedly creates collaboration. When we share our successes and we share our failures, we share our aspirations for where we hope to take the fitness industry. It allows us to make bigger and bolder moves. But we can only do that together when, yes, you guessed it: we network. 

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