Lippincott® Connect Courseware: Paving the Way to Success for ACSM Students and Instructors

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Lippincott® Connect Courseware: Paving the Way to Success for ACSM Students and Instructors

Wolters Kluwer, ACSM publishing partner |  Oct. 9, 2023

blog cover for lippencott connect courseware featuring a male instructor sitting on a deskIn the ever-evolving world of exercise science, staying ahead of the curve is vital for both students and instructors. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has long been a trusted source of knowledge and standards in this field. In this blog post, we'll explore how Wolters Kluwer addresses various educational needs through our updated Lippincott® Connect offerings, ensuring student success, instructor effectiveness and preparation for ACSM certification. 

Teaching to ACSM Standards 

One of the fundamental needs of educators and students in the realm of exercise science is access to trusted resources and standards. Wolters Kluwer and ACSM have you covered with a robust lineup of educational offerings. Lippincott® Connect has evolved from an interactive eBook to a courseware solution, offering an all-in-one learning experience combining the eBook with multimedia content and assessment. Currently, there are two ACSM titles available with Lippincott® Connect, with many more titles releasing on December 1st… including ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, 11th edition! See below for the full list of ACSM titles offered with Lippincott® Connect. 

Ensuring Student Success 

Wolters Kluwer understands that student success is the ultimate goal, both in the classroom and beyond. To achieve this, we offer an array of products designed to provide instant feedback to students. This feedback, in the form of answer explanations and references to the book content, not only helps students understand where they went wrong but also encourages those who may be hesitant to seek extra help during office hours. With resources like quizzes, videos, video questions, and adaptive learning through PrepU for select titles, students have a wealth of interactive tools at their disposal. 

Support for Instructors 

Instructors play a pivotal role in guiding students toward success. Wolters Kluwer recognizes this and provides valuable tools for instructors to monitor and support student performance. With insight into student performance data, instructors can tailor their instruction and discussions more effectively. This information helps identify class-wide struggles and individual students who may be at risk. Instructors can then adapt their teaching strategies to address these challenges head-on. We also offer many instructor resources to accompany your course, including PowerPoint presentations for lectures, image banks and a sequestered bank of test questions, all designed to support instruction of the text. 

Preparation for ACSM Certification 

For students looking to pursue ACSM certification, we have integrated our certification books and Guidelines into our courseware (starting Dec 1). This integration streamlines the learning process, making it more convenient and accessible. Additionally, PrepU mastery level quizzes will be offered in ACSM’s Resources for the Personal Trainer, 6e, ACSM's Resources for the Exercise Physiologist: A Practical Guide for the Health Fitness Professional, 3e and ACSM's Resources for the Group Exercise Instructor, 2e. Lippincott® Connect courseware also offers self-study options for those seeking certification outside of traditional classroom settings, ensuring that aspiring certified professionals can prepare at their own pace. 

Adapting to Various Teaching Needs 

Wolters Kluwer recognizes that instructors often teach multiple courses, each with its own unique requirements. To ease this burden, we offer a strong selection of instructor resources integrated into Lippincott® Connect, aligned with each text. This integration allows for customization, enabling instructors to select what to assign, when and with what point values. It's a flexible approach that caters to instructors' diverse needs while still maintaining a cohesive learning experience. 

Catering to Diverse Student Groups 

Lippincott® Connect’s instructor insight into student performance is a valuable tool for instructors dealing with classes of various sizes and students pursuing different career paths. This feature helps instructors gauge where each student stands academically and where the entire class may be struggling. It identifies students at risk and pinpoints the topics they find most challenging, allowing instructors to provide targeted support. 

ACSM and Wolters Kluwer’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of both students and instructors in the field of exercise science is evident in this comprehensive range of resources and products. By offering trusted texts, tools for student success, certification preparation and support for instructors, ACSM continues to foster excellence in exercise science education. 

The following titles are currently available on Lippincott® Connect: 

The following titles will be available on Lippincott® Connect by December 1, 2023. Until that date, faculty may access resources on thePoint

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