Industry-Presented Blog: Be the Place of Choice for New Year's Resolution Clients

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Industry-Presented Blog: Be the Place of Choice for New Year's Resolution Clients

MINDBODY |  Dec. 7, 2017

Each year, millions of people make New Year's Resolutions to work out more, lose weight, and live healthier. You know the drill. These three simple steps will help you become their studio of choice by creating an online first impression that inspires them to visit you offline.

1. Give yourself an online facelift

Think of it as Spring-cleaning for your online presence. Search engines reward well-organized and accurate content, so remove broken links or empty pages from your website and be sure your contact information is up to date (you'd be surprised how easily overlooked this is).

For social, keep your branding clear and consistent across all of your accounts. Archive content that no longer reflects your brand or contains old information, especially old pricing and offers.

And on all of your online sites, give online visitors a glimpse of what your studio is like through photos and videos of your services and staff.

2. Engage your current clients

Your customers are the best marketing tools you have-if engaged properly, they can refer new customers to you and help you retain them, simply by sharing their love for what you do.

First, take care of them. It's always important to provide an amazing experience. In January, that can be challenging. Consider blocking certain classes or times just for current clients. They'll appreciate the extra consideration during the January crush.

Next, invite some of your most engaged members to share their fitness stories on social media. Their authentic stories will inspire new customers to strive for similar success at your studio or gym.

3. Offer online booking

The New Year is busy for everyone. Online booking helps current and future customers book a class with you when it's convenient for them. Plus, by allowing your customers to book ahead of time, you free up your front desk team so they can focus on all those new January members. A win-win for everyone!

With these updates, you can survive and thrive well into the new year, by creating online and offline experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.


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