Journey of Becoming ACSM Certified, Part 1

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Journey of Becoming ACSM Certified, Part 1

Francis Neric |  March 13, 2018

ACSM had a tremendous response to our "Journey of Becoming ACSM Certified" webinar. In the webinar, we introduced Jen Aragon, Cat Perry, and Whitney Leyva who will be documenting their journey of becoming an ACSM Certified professional.

View the webinar here. 

Each has a unique story in how they first became interested in the fitness industry, but the overarching goal is that they want to help others reach their full potential through exercise. What will be interesting to watch for is how Jen, Cat, and Whitney will balance their competing priorities of school, work, social life, and/or kids.

In addition, we discussed some general tips on how to prepare for your exam. For example, why one should start with the exam content outline, what content-weighting and cognitive complexity mean and why they're important, why you should understand the big picture and not get lost in the details, how PrepU can be used to test your mastery, and the power and impact of community. A lot of folks really latched onto the latter, so we created study groups for Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist exams on Facebook:


I look forward to your taking on the challenge of transforming your passion for exercise and converting it into a lifelong career.

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