Industry-Partner FAQ | Starting a Career at Equinox

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Industry-Partner FAQ | Starting a Career at Equinox

Liz Minton | Equinox |  Feb. 26, 2019

Equinox Jobs FAQ ACSM

Equinox and Liz Minton recently hosted an industry-presented webinar entitled: Starting a Career at Equinox. Don't miss the full webinar here

Several questions were asked by attendees during the webinar and the answers are below.

Application process

  1. Q: What is the interview process like?

    A: It varies somewhat by region but you can generally expect to have a phone screen interview with a PT (Personal Training) Recruiter, followed by a “group interview” where we bring multiple candidates together for an interview activity, then possibly followed by a one-on-one interview with the PT (Personal Training) Manager at a specific club.


  2. Q: Are we encouraged to apply even when you aren't accepting applications?

    A: Absolutely – we always make room for talent!


  3. Q: How much experience is equinox looking for prior to applying, certification and degrees aside.

    A: We are confident that we have the right education programs in place to build an all-star trainer so we are absolutely open to hiring candidates with the right attitude and characteristics.  Some of our top trainers in the company were career changers.  That being said, if candidates have some previous training experience, this will usually help them acclimate to the culture and gain clients a bit faster.


  4. Q: Degree obtained, Cert obtained - but no experience in the field yet. How likely is a career at Equinox?

    A: See above, very likely.



  5. Q: After applying for the Equinox Internship, how long does it typically take to hear back?

    A: Generally, 24-48 hours.


  6. Q: … are summer internships more competitive than during college semesters?

    A: We make accommodations for talent and have not yet run into an issue in turning talent away.


  7. Q: Do you have any summer internships in the DC/metro area; Philadelphia

    A: DC yes, we are not in Philly yet.



  8. Q: … what additional locations do you plan to open in the next couple of years? … where can we find what regions are hiring? [Specifically: Idaho; Middle TN; North Carolina; Philadelphia]

    A: Go to for all listings.


    Career growth and development

  9. Q: How long does it typically take someone to move from Tier 1 to Tier X?

    A: Depending on prior education and experience, expect about 3 years if you are a high performer all around.


  10. Q: Is it possible to get hired at a higher tier if you come in with requisite experience?

    A: Candidates that meet certain criteria can challenge our “fast-track” exam and possibly start at a higher Tier.  Experience would likely help you pass the “fast-track” but it isn’t a qualifier to be hired at a higher tier level.

    10a) Does a Masters degree in Exercise Science + ACSM/NSCA cert allow you to start at a higher tier as well?

    These accomplishments would likely help you pass the “fast-track” exam(s) thus allowing you to start at a higher Tier level.


    10b) Does a Masters degree put you at a different tier than a Bachelors degree?

    We have found that those with a Masters degree are usually better prepared to pass the “fast-track” into Tier 3.


    10c) Are all positions internship or entry-level? e.g., I already have a doctorate degree and would be looking for a mid-senior level of work.

    Yes, internships are usually for rising and current seniors in college.  We would be open to the conversation about your circumstances for sure to see if we could find a fit.  Please apply on

  11. Q: How does salary differ from each tier?

    A: Recruiters will answer this more specifically in the interview process


    11a) Q: … what is the median salary for personal trainers at Equinox


    A: I would refer to you the range posted on our career website


  12. Q: Are there part-time PT (Personal Training) employment opportunities available (other than intern program)? (Are there any part time opportunities?)


    A: We are sometimes able to make accommodations for specific part-time situations.Please apply and discuss with the recruiter.


  13. Q: Do you offer training for group X?

    A: The PT (Personal Training) Department does not train it’s trainers to lead Group Ex classes but they are able to participate in them and learn from the Group Fitness Instructors and GF Managers at their club.


    Life at Equinox

  14. Q: Do most Equinox trainers work one-on-one with clients? Or are there group training or even class setting opportunities?

    A: Yes to all of the above.


    14a) Can you serve multiple roles at Equinox? For instance, can I be both a group exercise instructor and a personal trainer (assuming I have both certifications)


  15. Q: Does Equinox work with athletes? Does it offer sports performance training?

    A: We define athletes broadly but yes, we have worked with professional athletes down to weekend warriors and everyone in between.  Trainers learn how to write programs that are geared towards sports performance and we have a lot of the traditional sports performance equipment and gear.


  16. Q: What are the typical hours or schedule for a full-time personal trainer? Do they work on the weekend as well or is there rotation with that?

    A: A typical schedule varies based on where the trainer is in their time with us.  Like any new business owner, there are a lot of hours upfront in education and business generation.  As a trainer builds a client base, some trainers like to start at 6am and work straight through to 2pm then leave, while others may start later, stay later or take breaks during the day.  There is some flexibility once you have built your client base.  As for weekends, at the beginning, we ask new trainers to work weekends so they gain exposure.  We do also have many senior trainers who consistently train on the weekends too.


  17. Q: Is there a non-compete clause for trainers?

    A: Yes


  18. Q: If hired at Equinox, is it possible to seamlessly transfer clubs? Or do you have to go through the hire/interview process again?

    A: Generally, yes, assuming there are no infractions on record.


    Questions to Liz

  19. Q: What made you want to join Equinox?

    A: I could tell the moment I first toured an Equinox that they set a standard of excellence that I wanted to be a part of.  That, and the PT (Personal Training) Manager who interviewed me was so incredibly passionate and fun, I knew it would be a great fit.

  20. Q: What does it take to be the best Equinox trainer?

    A: As I said on the call, you have to genuinely care – care about members, colleagues, your fitness, the fitness of others, your education etc.  You have to show up everyday ready to be part of a high performance lifestyle.