Industry-Partner FAQ | How to Ace the Job Interview - ACSM and Equinox

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Industry-Partner FAQ | How to Ace the Job Interview - ACSM and Equinox

Liz Minton and Equinox |  March 12, 2019

Equinox and Liz Minton recently hosted an industry-presented webinar entitled: How to Ace the Job Interview. Don't miss the full webinar here

Equinox Job Interview FAQ

Q1. What would be the best way to address your sales potential or business savvy in an interview?

A. Chances are you will get a question geared in those topics since they are both very important to the role of a personal trainer.  So be ready with examples.  If there aren't questions on these topics and you feel they are important strengths to highlight, you can look for opportunities to guide the conversation in those directions.

You should always have 2-3 points you want to make about yourself (strengths, accomplishments, reasons "why" you want the job) irrespective of the questions asked so learning how to work them into the conversation is a good skill to develop.


Q2. What are the preferred certifications you would like your trainers to have?

A. "ACSM of course!  In reality, we accept certifications that are nationally accredited by either the NCCA or DETC, focused on general personal training or strength and conditioning skills (can't be a specialty cert with a narrow focus), and it must require CEU's to stay active.  There are many great certifications out there and we support a candidate's specific interests and goals as a way to choose."


Q3. Do you hire veterans?

A. "Of course!  In fact, there is a whole page dedicated to our commitment to hiring veterans on our career website"


Q4. What are some tips for performing well in a group interview? How can I stand out in a good way?

A. "Stay engaged, look for ways to contribute, and balance being appropriately assertive while also listening to other candidates."


Q5. How can I show my potential in an interview if I don't have a lot of experience?

"Follow the recommendations from the webinar which will help you present yourself in the best way possible.  Try to find connections between the experience you do have and the job requirements.  Ask yourself if you are presenting yourself as someone who is coachable, willing to take direction, and easy to interact with."


Q6. When is the best time during the process to bring up salary and benefits questions?

A. "If this is a major consideration for you, ask it during the beginning of the process so that you don't waste your time and the employer's time."


Q7. What happens is we don’t get an email for an interview? Do we try again at a later date? Or was there anything we could do at Equinox that will eventually get us to be a personal trainer?

A. "At Equinox, a dedicated Personal Training Recruiter will respond to your application and will either move you forward or provide you with direction on how to improve your application for a later date."

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