Liability Insurance for ACSM Professionals | Fast Facts

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Liability Insurance for ACSM Professionals | Fast Facts

ACSM and Forrest T. Jones |  Sept. 11, 2019

Professional Liability Insurance ACSM

Professional liability insurance protects you from incidents that arise as a result of your professional training services. If you are providing any form of health and safety instruction or training, you should have your own professional liability insurance policy to protect yourself from real or alleged malpractice.

Even if you receive professional liability coverage through an employer, you may be surprised to find out what is not covered. And the odds are you will not be insured by your employer for any independent training or instruction you perform outside the scope of your official position.

ACSM, together with our insurance partner Forrest T. Jones, offers our certified fitness professionals an affordable, flexible Professional and General Liability insurance program that will provide comprehensive coverage for professionals nationwide.

Liability Insurance Program Highlights

  • Choice of liability limits up to a maximum $2 million per claim / $4 million aggregate per year.
  • Claims-made policy form covers acts or omissions that occurred since the policy's inception and resulted in a claim during the policy's effective period, provided there have been no gaps in coverage.
  • Coverage enhancements include: limited defense for sexual assault allegations; bodily injury and property damage due to performance of your professional duties.

Learn more about this offer from our partner Forrest T. Jones

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