How to Renew Your ACSM Certification | Essential Update

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How to Renew Your ACSM Certification | Essential Update

ACSM Certification |  Oct. 8, 2019

How to renew ACSM Certification cec

ACSM Certification is excited to share an exciting update to our certification portal.

Log in to your ACSM account.
All ACSM certified professionals have a default account – do not create a new account because your certification will not be connected to it.

If you did not change your default username to your own unique username, use the first three letters of your last name and ACSM ID number (e.g. - abc123456).

If you did not change your default password to a unique password, use the first three letters of your last name (in lowercase) and ACSM ID number (e.g. - abc123456).  Passwords are case sensitive.

After you log into your account, click ‘Profile’ then ‘My Certifications/MyCEC History’ and you will notice a few changes.

1. CEC Progress Bar

CEC Progress ACSM Certification
Our new progress bar shows how much progress you’ve made in earning your continuing education and how much time you have left in your 3-year certification cycle. Once your progress bar is full, it is time to renew your certification!

2. My Certifications

Your earned certifications will be listed here. You will see the begin date of your renewal cycle, your certification expiration date and the number of CECs required to renew. If you have multiple certifications, each of your certifications will be listed, but you are only required to earn the CECs for your highest certification.  If your progress bar is full, you will also see a RENEW NOW button.

The RENEW NOW button will only show once you have successfully completed (and self-reported) the required CECs and it is during the final year of your renewal cycle.

As before, simply earning and logging your CECs will not automatically renew your certification, you must fill out the certification renewal (recertification) form and pay the recertification fee for your certification level. Once you renew, your new cycle will begin, and your progress bar will reset to 0%.

If you hold an ACSM Certification and nothing is listed under ‘My Certifications’, you have more than one profile and they will need to be merged. Email for assistance. 

3. ALL CECs vs Current Cycle CECs

ALL CECs vs Current Cycle CECs

CECs will be separated into two tabs: ALL CECs and Current Cycle CECs. ALL CECs is your complete CEC/CME history that populates for both ACSM certified professionals and those non-certified.  The Current Cycle CECs tab includes all CECs applicable to the current certification cycle. The date range for this list is between the ‘Renewal Begin Date’ and the ‘Renewal End Date’.  It includes all CECs earned through our ACSM ceOnline portal, ACSM Health and Fitness Summit, ACSM Annual Meeting and your self-reported CECs.

4. CEC Transcript

ACSM CEC Transcript
You may export all CECs listed in your CEC tabs to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or you may print your CEC history for use for other organizations or for your personal records by clicking the Print Your Record button. 

5. Upcoming CECs Search

CEC Events Search
Need CECs, or interested in attending an ACSM Event (conference/workshop) in the near future? Try our new quick search tool or click the link to purchase a new online CEC course on our ceOnline site. 

6. Self-Reporting Tool

ACSM Certification Self Reporting
Click the "+" icon to add continuing education credits you have earned outside of ACSM. We accept outside CEC/CME/CEU/contact hours that are directly related to your ACSM certification and if another certifying body (fitness/health organization) offers CECs for that event. ACSM calculates CECs as 1 CEC per hour of participation. Please keep all of your non-ACSM CEC documentation for your records in case you are audited. 


Prior to now, self-reporting was not required. With the addition of our new progress bar, when you earn CECs outside of ACSM, you must now self-report them.  If you do not self-report, your progress bar will not moveIf your bar does not move, at the end of your cycle your ‘Renew Now’ button will not appear.

Another new feature added to the Self-Reporting tool is the option to edit or delete an incorrect or duplicate entry. Just click the pencil to edit or the red X to delete.
ACSM CEC Self Reporting

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please email and we will be happy to assist.

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