Complete Core Training Through 3 Planes - Exercise Technique Video

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Complete Core Training Through 3 Planes - Exercise Technique Video

ACSM |  May 14, 2020

Russian Twist Exercise Technique Video

These examples of core training through 3 planes highlights some of the exercise technique videos available in the ACSM Resource Library through ACSM books.

These pull-up, dumbbell bench press and chin-up videos are a small sample of exercise technique videos that can be accessed through ACSM's Resources for the Certified Personal Trainer, 5th EditionACSM's Resources for the Exercise Physiologist, 2nd Edition and ACSM’s Foundations of Strength Training and Conditioning books.



Watch each video on its own Resource Library page or watch the first video and allow the playlist to continue automatically.


Plank Exercise Technique
Front Plank
Sagittal plane stability

Side Bridge Technique
Side Bridge
Frontal plane stability

Russian Twist Technique Video ACSM
Russian Twist
Transverse plane


More Exercise Technique Videos

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