Check out ACSM's New Look

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Check out ACSM's New Look

Joe Sherlock, ACSM Copywriter |  May 28, 2024


The American College of Sports Medicine® has been a pillar of the sports medicine and exercise science community since its founding in 1954. In fact, one could say it’s more cornerstone than pillar — much of the field was built upon the foundation ACSM established.

But it’s 2024. (Cue “[current year]” joke.) Alongside a celebration of its 70th(!) anniversary, ACSM has launched a refreshed brand image, including a new logo and set of striking colorways.

Now, a fresh coat of paint does not a new car make. And in this case, that’s partially the point. ACSM is still what it has always been — a reliable classic. BUT, we’ve made some tweaks here and there under the hood, and the colorful new branding is a meaningful signal that ACSM is nothing to sleep on. (You wouldn’t want to challenge ACSM to a race, is what I’m saying.)

2024-2027 ACSM Strategic Plan infographicACSM’s new mission and vision refocus the work we’ve done since our founding in a way that positions us to serve patients and clients around the world for the next 70 years and beyond. And ACSM physicians, researchers and certified professionals all contributed immensely to the process.

To sum it up: ACSM believes in the enduring power of movement to change lives — a message that gets right to the point about what it is we do and why.

Our new tagline? “Movement for all.”

ACSM certified professionals know that getting people moving is the starting point for a host of benefits, not only in terms of plain old quality of life but also improvements in a wide range of chronic conditions and even mental health and performance. Effectively, cert pros are on the front lines of health care.

Which is why it’s important to have a hi-vis, attractive brand: ACSM’s new look draws the eye and conveys the profound excitement we have about the power of movement.

It’s hard to help clients if you can’t first get them through the door, and we believe our new branding will inspire and bring people in.

Here’s to a bright, healthy future.

Steal Our Look

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