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Don't just love your job. Love why you do your job.

You live your passion for health and fitness, and for helping others enjoy a better life. As an ACSM certified professional, you’ll become your passion and enjoy a career leading others in achieving their health and fitness goals.

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There’s certification, and then there’s ACSM certification.

The American College of Sports Medicine is the recognized leader in exercise science and the most respected certifying body in the world. With 50,000 members and certified professionals worldwide, you’ll have something no other organization can offer: the backing of the best exercise scientists, researchers, authors, educators and trainers.

ACSM members literally write the books on exercise science and the resources candidates study for certification. Together, our people, expertise and resources will provide you with the unparalleled support you’ll need to get and stay ACSM certified.

Choose Wisely. Choose ACSM.

Why go anywhere else? ACSM stands alone as the best choice for your career as an exercise professional. 

“ACSM exercise professionals thrive at Equinox because they hold themselves to high academic and professional standards. They are curious learners and always push the envelope to discover more.” 

— Liz Minton, Equinox
Senior Director of Personal Training Development

Live Your Passion ACSM


Katie Hake
Fit Flex Fly | YMCA
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer since 2014

“To best serve my future clients, I wanted to be equipped with the best knowledge and resources. My ACSM-CPT credential has continued to open opportunities, especially as a registered dietitian in the medical field. ACSM has provided the knowledge, skills and resources to provide individualized care to my clients. I love being able to tailor my plan and exercise programming to best help clients meet their goals.” 

Don Carter
Elite U
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer since 2017

“I chose the ACSM certification simply because of the great community and vision to create a better lifestyle for all fitness demographics. ACSM not only teaches the importance of proper training but also building a rapport with every client. The value of of communication is key!”


Yadhira Maldonado ACSM

Yadhira Maldonado
FITLIVIN Corporate Wellness and Personal Training
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer since 2019

“My instructors inspired me so much that I wanted to give others the same exact feeling of hope and perseverance. Being ACSM Certified gives me that opportunity and I get to teach my clients there is nothing they can't do.”



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