ACSM's Fitness Faceoff

Faceoff Bracket 2024 final

What is the true champion of the fitness world?

During ACSM’s Fitness Faceoff, popular trends, workouts and equipment battled head to head until there was only one left: Exercise for Mental Health! Nearly 8600 of you voted to help us determine the champion!
All of the contenders started in four divisions: workout formats, fitness environments, industry trends, and exercises & equipment. Voting took place exclusively on Instagram Stories (@ACSM1954).

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Exercise for Mental Health

Programming exercise for mental health won the 2024 ACSM Fitness Faceoff, and it also landed at #8 on the 2024 ACSM Trends list! This trend represents the importance of movement on cognition and mood. Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. About 1 in every 8 individuals globally is affected to varying degrees by mental illness, and regular exercise can serve as a protective factor. Physical activity and exercise can boost mood and improve mental health. ACSM offers resources to exercise professionals for incorporating physical activity to support mental health.

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