New ACSM Text for Youth Fitness Testing, Training and Long-Term Development

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New ACSM Text for Youth Fitness Testing, Training and Long-Term Development

Dec. 16, 2019

ACSM Essentials of Youth Fitness (1)

ACSM has announced the release of the new book, Essentials of Youth Fitness. The text is built on the understanding that youth are not simply smaller adults but are a population with specific needs. Authors and experts in the field, Avery D. Faigenbaum, Ed.D., FACSM; Rhodri S. Lloyd, Ph.D.; and Jon L. Oliver, Ph,D., blend up-to-date scientific research with real-world application.

This text is essential for anyone training youth such as youth fitness instructors, physical education teachers, strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, physiotherapists and sports physicians. Teaching tips and sample training programs are included in this must-have resource that will take youth training to the next level. The text is broken down into these three critical sections:

  • Part I introduces the fundamentals of pediatric exercise science and covers pediatric physiology, growth and maturation, long-term athletic development and pedagogical strategies for youth fitness specialists;

  • Part II provides insights into youth fitness development and strategies for designing integrative exercise programs that are developmentally appropriate, effective and enjoyable

  • Part III covers key modern-day topics in pediatric exercise science, including young athletes and sport participation, exercise for youth with clinical conditions, as well as nutritional approaches for youth populations.

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