Thank You to ACSM’s 2023 From Around the Field Presenters

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Thank You to ACSM’s 2023 From Around the Field Presenters

Dec. 20, 2023
Science Spotlight

Thank you to the ACSM’s From Around the Field Webinar Presenters of 2023. As we strive to fulfill our mission in the best manner possible, we want to thank the presenters for their time and service in our 2023 reformatted and updated science webinar series. This past year, ACSM highlighted seven presenters from different international and regional chapters, which included:

February 2023 | Elise Brown, Ph.D. — Grip Strength, Resistance Training, and Type 2 Diabetes: What to Know 

March 2023 | Shannon L. Lennon, Ph.D., R.D. — Countermeasures to Sodium-induced Impairments in Cardiovascular Health 

April 2023 | Erin Talbert, Ph.D., and Ashley Freeman, M.S. — Understanding Pancreatic Cancer-mediated Changes in Body Composition 

May 2023 | Ashley Smuder, Ph.D., and Branden Nguyen — Cardiorespiratory Muscle Response to Chemotherapy and Exercise 

September 2023 | Susan Yeargin, Ph.D., ATC — Sickle Cell Trait Risks: Safeguarding Team Sport Athletes 

October 2023 | Mary Kennedy, Ph.D., ACSM-EP — Fundamentals of Implementation Science and Exercise 

November 2023 | Ayland Letsinger, Ph.D. — The Neurobiology of Physical Activity Motivation 

We would also like to thank the attendees for your participation and insightful questions. Your viewership and feedback are highly valued and aid in bettering our presentations.

We would like to thank the presenters and all who participated in the Brown Bag series in 2021-22 for their time and service to ACSM. Visit the ACSM website for free access to sessions recorded through April of 2022.

In 2024, ACSM members will be able to watch the 2023 presentations in the ACSM member hub. Also, be on the lookout for more CEC opportunities with the webinars in 2024. 

We will resume our From Around the Field Science Webinar series in January 2024 with monthly informal discussions throughout the year to highlight the topics ACSM members study, the general methodology, and the results their research generates to provide others a chance to learn about the diverse science among our ACSM members. Announcements for the upcoming 2024 webinar topics and presenters will be coming soon! 

For insights on how to incorporate these webinars into your lesson plans, check out the ACSM blog.