ACSM Viewpoints

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ACSM Viewpoints

About Viewpoint Statements


An ACSM Viewpoints document is developed using expert consensus opinion. ACSM Viewpoints documents are statements addressing “breaking news” or “cutting-edge research” in exercise science and sports medicine.


The purpose of the Viewpoints document is to provide a mechanism by which the College can provide an organizational stance on “breaking news” in our field. Viewpoints are specifically focused on newsworthy items that resonate with the general public and health professionals and that necessitate a well-timed comment from the College. They should provide rapid and clear messaging of the College’s position on an issue.

How Topic is Identified:

Topics for Viewpoints may be identified by the leadership of the College, ACSM staff that work in areas routinely involved in evaluating public views and areas of interest (e.g., Communications and Public Information staff, Exercise is Medicine staff, Education staff, Certification staff, etc.), or may be identified and recommended to the leadership for consideration by members of the College.

Protocol for Paper Development:

ACSM Viewpoints documents are developed utilizing a rapid development process. This document is expected to be developed by a small group (1-3) of content experts. The Viewpoint will rely heavily on consensus of expert opinion but will also incorporate seminal or recent research literature when available and appropriate. The document will be roughly 1,000-3,000 words in length and will serve as the College’s “official stance” on the topic. The goal is for the paper to take no longer than 2 weeks from approval to publication.

Review and Approvals:

Review and approval of ACSM Viewpoints is generally handled by the ACSM Executive Committee and Senior Leadership/Staff of the College. The Pronouncements Committee may be asked to identify two additional content experts to provide a rapid review (i.e., return comments/recommendations in 2-3 days) of the Viewpoints document. In those cases, the Pronouncements Committee will evaluate and discuss the comments and recommendations from the reviewers and will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees regarding approval of the document. The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees has the final decision regarding approval of the Viewpoints document.

Normally published/communicated:

Viewpoints will primarily be published in our electronic outlets that allow for timely distribution and reach large audiences (e.g., SMB, all web platforms, social media). For some topics, the College may also wish to distribute widely to media outlets for additional exposure.