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Serve on a Committee

Committees play a vital role in ACSM. All members are invited to express an interest in serving on any national committee. However, preference is usually given to ACSM Fellows and those individuals who have been active in the Regional Chapter program. You must be a current ACSM member to serve on a committee. Please understand that it may not be possible to find committee assignments for all who wish to serve. Committee Appointments are done yearly by the ACSM President-elect in February. 

Committee Interest Form

List of Committees and Descriptions

If you have questions, please email membership@acsm.org.

Officer & Trustee Nominations 

Per Constitutional requirement, the ACSM Nominating Committee announces a call for nominations for all officer and trustee elections. All nominees must be ACSM Fellows. In keeping with ACSM's policy of rotating leadership among the three areas of interest, the nominees will be from the interest areas indicated on the form. To nominate a member to run for an officer or trustee position, please return the completed nominations-form to Chris Sawyer.  Deadline to nominate is March 1 of each year.

Mentors Needed for the ACSM Leadership & Diversity Training Program

If you are an ACSM Fellow and are interested in being a mentor for the ACSM Leadership & Diversity Training Program, please submit the mentor volunteer form below and email it to Chris Sawyer.

Mentor Volunteer Form
The purpose of the program is to mentor and retain underrepresented racial/ethnic minority members by offering three different program levels.  Program participation requires ACSM membership; involvement in ACSM meetings (regional and national) and committees; and pursuit of ACSM professional presentations, publications and fellowship. The program also provides mentors to participants at each level and provides participants with funding to perform the necessary steps to remain involved with ACSM from student member to ACSM Fellowship.
Mentoring assignments start at the ACSM Annual Meeting each year and continue throughout the year. To be a mentor you are required to attend the ACSM Annual Meeting and be an ACSM Fellow. 

Mentors and Proteges Needed for the ACSM Mentoring Women to Fellowship Program

This is a new ACSM initiative intended to mentor ACSM members who are women to be more involved in ACSM meetings (regional and national) and committees through the pursuit of ACSM professional presentations, publications, fellowship, and leadership. This initiative will provide mentors and in-kind support to participants. The goal is to assist these women with performing the necessary steps to remain involved with ACSM and to achieve ACSM Fellowship. Protege applications will be accepted October 1 to March 1 each year.  Matching mentors and proteges will occur March 1 through May 1 each year. Mentor volunteer forms will be accepted any time.

If you are an ACSM Fellow and interested in being a mentor, please complete the mentor volunteer form and send to csawyer@acsm.org.

If you are a member and wish to participate in the program as a protege, please complete the protege application form and email it to csawyer@acsm.org.

ACSM Spoksperson Program and Media Referral Network

To apply to become an ACSM Media Referral Network member or ACSM Spokesperson, please complete this form.  You must be an ACSM Fellow to be considered for the ACSM Spokesperson program.