Training the Aging Heart with Safety and Confidence | CEC Course

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Training the Aging Heart with Safety and Confidence | CEC Course

Jane Curth and FITFIXNOW |  Feb. 18, 2020

Training Ageing Heart ACSM


ACSM APPROVED PROVIDER COURSE – FITFIXNOW: Training the Aging Heart with Safety and Confidence

About the course:

This course includes content from an ACSM Approved Provider and corresponding online quizzes. All course content will be presented to you electronically upon completion of your purchase. This includes all videos, quizzes, and certificates (certificates awarded upon successful completion of the quizzes).

Available ACSM CECs 2.0

Learning objectives for the course - Training the Aging Heart with Safety and Confidence:

  • Learn how to adjust your cardiorespiratory programming for optimal success in this age group.
  • Understand the importance of taking special care with safety in this population.
  • Examine the physiological changes that happen when the body ages in the circulatory and respiratory systems.
  • Communicate your knowledge to baby boomer prospects to engender trust and security in your ability to train them.

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