ACSM Fit Science | November 2020

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ACSM Fit Science | November 2020

ACSM |  Nov. 13, 2020

ACSM Certification Fit Science

ACSM Fit Science includes recent fitness-related stories featuring the college and its members as subject matter experts. ACSM is a recognized leader among national and international media and a trusted source on sports medicine and exercise science topics. Because these stories may be written by the media, they do not necessarily reflect ACSM statements, views or endorsements. These stories are meant to share ACSM coverage with fitness professionals and inform them about what the public is reading and hearing about the field.


How to run a race in a time of surging coronavirus

In this reprint of a recent Gretchen Reynolds Phys Ed column, the side bar of tips includes information from ACSM’s Call to Action Statement on COVID-19 and considerations for sports and physical activity.

Read more at the OrlandoSentinel


Weight Training Helps Ease Anxiety in Young Adults, Study Finds

New research from ACSM members Brett Gordon, Ph.D.; Matthew Herring, Ph.D., FACSM, found that weight training "significantly reduced anxiety symptoms" in the young men and women who participated in the study.


Promoting Physical Activity during the COVID-19 Pandemic | Perspectives from Public Health Experts

An expert panel from the American Public Health Association remind us that despite the constant changes occurring in how we conduct our lives, the built environment, mass media campaigns and policy continue to be important considerations, perhaps even more now than before, for helping people be physically active.

Read at ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal


To Strength Train Right, Trust Your Feelings

You don’t need an elaborate workout plan to get the most out of your resistance workout; you just need to tune into how you feel. This article shows how to get the most of resistance workouts cites and links to an ACSM position stand, related studies by ACSM Fellow Stuart Phillips, Ph.D., and ACSM’s Guidelines for Strength Training infographic.

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