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ACSM Exercise Is Medicine® Credential

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Exercise is Medicine® offers a credential program that recognizes exercise professionals who possess the education and skills to work closely with the health care community and referred patients, including those with common chronic diseases and health conditions. Certified exercise professionals or individuals with a qualifying university degree can earn the EIM Credential. The credential signifies that an exercise professional is part of the EIM initiative and can safely and effectively guide patients who need specialized fitness programming to change their health behaviors and improve health outcomes.

The EIM Credential currently features three levels:

  • Levels 1 & 2: These credentialed exercise professionals may work with individuals who are healthy or who have health-related issues but have been cleared by their physicians for exercise.
  • Level 3: These credentialed exercise professionals may work with patients who require clinical support and monitoring.

Some applicants may be required to take the EIM online course to obtain the EIM Credential. Through the EIM Credential online course, exercise professionals will gain specific knowledge regarding how to:

  • Navigate and apply the EIM solution in health care systems;
  • Understand the changing health care landscape and the potential opportunity for EIM and credentialed exercise professionals;  
  • Develop physical activity or exercise programs for individuals with various health conditions; and
  • Develop the skills needed to support sustained behavior change. 

* Review the specific eligibility requirements for each EIM Credential level.

If it’s necessary for you to take the EIM online course in order to earn the EIM Credential, you must complete the course, pass the final online exam and submit your Credential application.

Go to the EIM online course.


"ACSM provided the opportunity to connect with the most respected and highly motivated academicians and exercise professionals globally."

Alexis Batrakoulis, CPT, EP-C, EIM2

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