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ACSM/NPAS Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist

Be The Face of Exercise in Your Community


Promote physical activity from the playground to policy-makers by becoming an ACSM/NPAS Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist (PAPHS). In collaboration with ACSM and the National Physical Activity Society (NPAS) – learn how to make your voice heard for the advancement of your community on the way to building partnerships, developing initiatives, and advocating for programming that centers on physical activity as a path to stronger public health.

Preparing for the ACSM PAPHS Exam

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Are You Eligible?

  • Bachelor's degree in a health-related field from a regionally accredited college or university, or
  • Bachelor's degree in any subject with 1,200 hours of experience in settings promoting physical activity, healthy lifestyle management or other health promotion.

PAPHS Study Options

How To Study

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Exam Content Outline

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Additional Resources

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Why Become an ACSM/NPAS Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist?

An ACSM/NPAS Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist is a health professional who is passionate about promoting physical activity in all avenues of public health, whether locally, regionally, or nationally. An ACSM/NPAS PAPHS advocates for policies, programs, legislation, and more – all of which create equitable opportunities for all individuals to benefit from increased physical activity no matter where they live.

ACSM/NPAS Physical Activity in Public Health Specialists are essential advocates who engage and educate key decision makers about the need for and impact of physical activity. From building walkable communities, to improving park access and beyond, ACSM/NPAS PAPHS work with the public and private sectors to create and promote safe places for physical activity. By working to ensure equal access to spaces that inspire physical activity in all levels of society, ACSM/NPAS PAPHS represent the gold standard 3.1.6 of health fitness equity.

Ready to be a powerful voice for change in a nationwide growing movement? Become an ACSM/NPAS Physical Activity in Public Health Specialists.


Exam Costs

NPAS Students and Members*  $150 
 ACSM Certified Professionals  $150
 Non-ACSM Certified Professionals  $195
 Re-Test  $125


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ACSM/NPAS Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist Competency Areas %
Planning and Evaluating 23%
Intervention 20%
Data and Scientific Information 18%
Exercise Science in Public Health Setting 17%
Partnerships 12%
Organizational Structure 10%

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