Why ACSM Certification

Why Choose ACSM Certification

Respect. Credibility. Knowledge.


What does it take to be a part of the gold standard? It's not just your desire to be better - it's working hard to create a better life for all.

ACSM Certified Professionals make a difference around the globe every day - improving lives whether they're personalizing a workout, leading a community health initiative or making rounds in a clinic.

Earning your ACSM Certification means you'll have the respect of both your fellow health fitness professionals and clients. You'll gain the credibility that you need with employers, universities and respected institutions across health-related fields. And, you'll confirm that you've achieved a level of knowledge backed by the science of ACSM's gold standard.

Are you ready to reach for your goals, personally and professionally? Are you ready to challenge yourself? Are you ready to go for the gold? See what it takes to be a part of the gold standard, and learn why ACSM is for you in the video below. Get started today by learning more about ACSM Certification options or downloading your free ACSM Certification Resource Guide in the top right of this page.

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What does it take to become ACSM Certified? Our professionals have a passion for health fitness, the drive to improve lives beyond their own, and the expert knowledge to uphold the gold standard. Are you ready to challenge yourself and improve health in your clients, your community, your country, and beyond? Go for the gold – aim for ACSM.


Being ACSM Certified
When you decided to become ACSM certified, you chose to be a part of what we like to call the Gold Standard. You could have opted for another certification, perhaps even an easier one, but you didn't. You chose ACSM.

To us, that means you're someone who always sets the bar a little higher, someone who believes in research, who knows the impact of health and wellness, and is dedicated to improving public health and changing lives.