Dynamic Warmup Video – Lower Body Series

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Dynamic Warmup Video – Lower Body Series

ACSM |  April 17, 2020

Bodyweight Squat Technique Video

This lower body series is a sample of movements available in the ACSM Resource Library through ACSM books.

This dynamic warmup lower body series includes a small sample of exercise technique videos that can be accessed through ACSM's Resources for the Certified Personal Trainer, 5th Edition and ACSM's Resources for the Exercise Physiologist, 2nd Edition books.



Watch each video on its own Resource Library page or watch the first video and allow the playlist to continue automatically.


Bodyweight Squat Technique
Bodyweight Squat

Leg Swings Video
Pendulum Leg Swings Technique - Sagittal and Frontal

Internal and External Rotation Dynamic Warmup ACSM
Dynamic Hip Rotation Technique - Internal and External

Soldier Walk Technique Video
Soldier Walk Technique Video

How To: Begin gradually with a small Range of Motion (ROM) progressing to a larger ROM, repeating each activity 5-12 times.


More Exercise Technique Videos

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