American College of Sports Medicine and ecoAmerica Team Up on New Active Transportation Program to Support the Health of Americans and our Climate

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American College of Sports Medicine and ecoAmerica Team Up on New Active Transportation Program to Support the Health of Americans and our Climate

Sept. 26, 2018

ActiveEarth Will Improve Public Health and the Climate with Increased Biking, Walking, and Rolling

(Indianapolis)- The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) announced today a formal partnership with ecoAmerica’s Climate for Health program, to empower better health outcomes for Americans and our climate. The partnership will bring together ACSM’s vision to promote active transportation and the related health cobenefits, with ecoAmerica’s expertise in inspiring climate action through education and engagement. 

“We do our part to make active lifestyles accessible to everyone,” said Jim Whitehead, ACSM CEO and executive vice president. “Together with ecoAmerica, we can help Americans care for their health and our climate through active transport. We will engage in this work by implementing and advocating for active transportation through education, policy change and partnerships with civic leaders.”

The ecoAmerica partnership will support ACSM’s ActivEarth global health initiative that works to improve public health, the environment and the economy through greater levels of physical activity and active transportation like walking, bicycling or wheelchair rolling. ActivEarth recognizes the ramifications of the status quo when it comes to non-active choices.  It is driving change by addressing the challenges people and their communities face regarding active transportation. Through ActivEarth, ACSM and ecoAmerica will work to build leadership, provide education and promote active transportation as a climate and health solution. The partners will also work to raise awareness of the health impacts of climate change on all physical activity, including competitive sports.

“Americans appreciate and want healthy and active lifestyles, but there are challenges,” said ecoAmerica Founder Bob Perkowitz. “Air pollution affects athletes and all members of our society, and we know the impact of climate change is detrimental to our health. Most importantly, we know we can do something about it. ACSM and ecoAmerica are committed to providing helpful communications and resources about the importance of climate and how climate solutions benefit health.”

A variety of resources are already available:

To learn more about the partnership, watch the launch video.

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