ACSM, EXOS Announce Partnership to Enhance Fitness Industry

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ACSM, EXOS Announce Partnership to Enhance Fitness Industry

Oct. 4, 2018

Leading organizations to develop, place ACSM-Certified Professionals

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) continued its aggressive partnership expansion strategy today by announcing a new agreement with EXOS, a leader in workplace wellness and human performance for more than two decades. The agreement makes EXOS an official ACSM corporate partner and provides substantial benefits in the form of professional development and high-level job placement opportunities for ACSM certified professionals with one of the most innovative fitness organizations in the country.

“Partnering with a highly respected organization like ACSM is an exciting step for us,” said Elizabeth Pinkerman, EXOS director of education. “ACSM has a longstanding commitment to promoting workplace wellness, and their certified fitness professionals are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. EXOS shares ACSM’s vision and passion to drive change through research, education and application, so our partnership makes perfect sense.”

Spanning the sectors of employers, health care systems, sports, military and health clubs, EXOS uses its diverse expertise to improve human performance and create evidence-based employee wellness programs for global companies across several industries. EXOS’s health solutions include wellness services, technology, fitness facilities and performance staff. The impressive EXOS client list includes 25 percent of Fortune 100 companies.

As part of the agreement, EXOS becomes an ACSM certification preferred employer, and all ACSM certified fitness professionals will have access to employment opportunities at EXOS locations across the country. In addition, EXOS becomes an ACSM approved provider of continuing education credits (CECs) and will provide free professional development courses for ACSM members and certified fitness professionals via ACSM’s online learning platform. EXOS will also have a presence at select ACSM Regional Chapter Meetings to help educate and inform ACSM student members on career paths within their organization.

“As a leader in the fitness and wellness space, EXOS is committed to hiring exceptional talent and ACSM-certified professionals are the best in the industry,” said Francis Neric, ACSM’s national director of certification. “Together, both organizations will be better positioned to use education and application to meet their mutual goals of improving fitness, wellness and performance in every facet of life.”


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About EXOS

EXOS is a leader in the field of human performance, a category it created more than 15 years ago. Today, EXOS employs more than 3,500 people in over 400 locations worldwide. With award-winning facilities, technology, and services, EXOS connects people to the solutions they need and provides individualized plans based on time-tested fundamentals and research in order to help people take control of their health and performance. EXOS is trusted by hundreds of clients, including world champions in sports and one-quarter of Fortune 100 companies, as well as leaders in health care, military, and community organizations. To learn more, visit