Top 5 ACSM Downloads of 2019 | Resources

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Top 5 ACSM Downloads of 2019 | Resources

ACSM |  Dec. 23, 2019

It's the best of the best - the top 5 most-downloaded ACSM resources published in 2019.

ACSM 7 Minute Workout 

#5 The 7 Minute Workout

By popular demand, the 7 minute workout is available as a download.

ACSM Downloads Children Plyometrics 

#4 Client Resource Download | Plyometric Training for Children and Adolescents

Download to discover the potential benefits of plyometric training for school-age youth - for yourself or your clients.

Risk Stratification ACSM Download Update 

#3 ACSM Risk Stratification Chart | Download

Download ACSM's essential risk stratification chart. Updated for risk classification and preparticipation screening.

Healthy Eating Resource Download 

#2 Client Resource Download | Creating a Healthy Eating Pattern

Download the Creating a Healthy Eating Pattern pdf resource for yourself or clients.

 ACSM Resistance Training Guidelines Strength Training

#1 ACSM Guidelines for Strength Training | Featured Download

Authors: Fiataraone Singh, Maria; Hackett, Daniel; Schoenfeld, Brad; Vincent, Heather K.; Wescott, Wayne

Essential Download: ACSM's guidelines for strength training infographic.

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